The space between Thoughts:

The space between Thoughts:

Your brain is constantly engaged in the thinking process. Most of the time you are unaware of the incessant “chatter” going on in your mind because you are accustomed to it and have tuned it out.

When you observe carefully you will see that although the movement of the thought seems so swift, there are gaps. A gap in which a thought comes to an end and a new thought begins. The space in which you realize you have been thinking all the time. This space/gap is not related to the thought process. If you observe carefully you will see that space of silence. That space which is not of time. The realization or awareness of that space, the full experiencing of that space liberates you from your past conditioning. Liberates you from your past baggage in which you have stored all your past including your fear, anger, anxiety, self- centeredness, jealousy, ego which has been running your life thus far. All your past conditioning comes to an end bringing about a completely new awareness of yourself and the world—an awareness that is very different from what mankind has ever known. For the first time, you will see beyond your “limited” self and your limited mental conditioning. Instead of observing and judging through filters of the past, you will view every moment in the present, where there is “no self” and “no desire to acquire.” No longer encumbered by anger, fear, frustration and jealousy, you will begin a life of freedom, joy, compassion, intelligence, love and wholeness – A New way of living. Now, that is true living!
Play around effortlessly with the below in your daily life situations: Any one of them will take you to that space.

1. Practise observing the incessant thought activity in your mind and also the gap between the thought activity. When you observe it, you will experience a brief moment of quietness and peace. Initially, this silence will last only a short time, but if you continue to be very alert and attentive to your thought activity moment by moment, this time span will increase. Eventually, the number of times you are able to be alert, attentive and stop your thought activity will be sufficient enough to pave the way for a new way of living.

2. Listen to the sound of the wind or a passing train until it fades away into absolute quietness, emptiness, spaciousness. Practise this until every sound or noise in your environment takes you into that spaciousness. Listen closely to the birds chirping or raindrops falling on the leaves without background noise or thought activity.

3. Be totally aware of every action you perform, e.g., tying a shoelace, sitting in a car, opening a door, closing a window. Rather than reducing all these routine actions to a mechanical chore, observe and be keenly aware of what you are doing. This awareness keeps you in the present moment and does not allow thoughts to interfere.

4. Do not make the present “a means to an end.” The past is gone and the future does not matter. The only thing that matters is the present. Observe any thoughts that try to take you back to the past or into the future. The moment you do so, you will be back in the present again. Live every moment fully in the now.

5. If you observe everything and everyone around you without judgment or preconceptions, you will find beauty everywhere. Try it!

Santosh Nambiar
Author of the book : A New way of Living – One simple step to a life without Fear. Published by Balboa Press USA ( HAY HOUSE)


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